250.000.000 VATR Total Supply

  • Market Making
  • Pre-Sale
20.000.000 VATR Market Making 200.000.000 VATR Pre-Sale

Join Vatra INU Community

Web3 Discord

In the Discord platform, which will be the primary communication center for the community, members will automatically receive access and rank based on the number of VATR tokens by connecting their MetaMask wallet. Distribution in events like Airdrops will be transparently provided directly through this integration.

Partner Benefits

As the community grows, new agreements will be made with business partners and collaborators. Through these agreements, community members will be able to benefit from additional advantages.


As the community grows each day with online and live events, members will also have fun times. Events can be collective, and a structure will also be established on Discord where different small groups can organize their own events.


In direct proportion to the development of the community, the demographics of members in terms of profession, age, interests, and location will diversify. This will, in turn, increase the networking capacity of the members.

Community Store

Products reflecting the community will be accessible exclusively in an online store for community members only. The products and designs will be determined by the community.

Veteran NFT

For the initial investors who supported the Vatra INU project, a special NFT collection will be produced at the end of the first year. This collection will be created as a one-time event, and for those holding a piece from the Senior NFT collection, the obligation to HODL will be lifted.


HODL System

Anti-Whale Pre-Sale

Entirely community-indexed and decentralized, the maximum supply of VATRA INU is only 250 Million. Tokens unsold during the pre-sale process will be burned before being added to the supply!

  • Pre-Sale: 80%
  • Market Making: 8%
  • Partner: 8%
  • Airdrop: 2%
  • Founders: 2%

VATRA INU is a community token project
created on the Ethereum ERC-20 platform.

  • 1Symbol: VATR
  • 2Initial Price : 0.01075 TL | 0.00036 USDT
  • 3Type : ERC20


2024 Q1


A total of 200,000,000 VATR will be available for pre-sale through the Bzetmex exchange. Any remaining supply not sold will be burned on the contract.

2024 Q1


Following the pre-sale and, if it occurs, the burning process, the VATR/TRY market will be opened on the Bzetmex exchange, completing the listing process.

2024 Q1

Discord Community

During the pre-sale and listing process, investors who purchase VATRA INU will join the Discord community via MetaMask. Assistance will be provided to all users who need help during the process.

2024 Q2

Influencer Invites

Within the Vatra Community, invitations will be sent to the most followed individuals in the crypto and finance world, with Vatra Token transfers, as voted by the members.

2024 Q2

Community Air Drop

To attract new members to the Vatra Community, airdrop campaigns will be conducted. The quantities, platforms, and conditions will be determined by the community members.

2024 Q3

Community Store

Ideas emerging within the Vatra Community will be transformed into products, leading to the launch of the Vatra Merch Store.

2024 Q3

1st Partner Exchange

Based on the investment/trade habits of community members, the most suitable and prioritized cryptocurrency exchange will be determined, and a partnership will be established with an exchange other than Bzetmex.

2024 Q3

Public Airdrop

Yeni partner borsa üyelerine de ulaşmak amacıyla public airdrop gerçekleştirilecek. Yine adetler ve şartlar topluluk üyeleri tarafından belirlenecek.

2024 Q4

1st Community Meeting

In the last quarter of 2024, the community will have its first meeting. The location and other details will be determined according to the preferences of the members.

2024 Q4

2x Partner Exchange

Two new business partners will be sought. Ideally, these two partners will both be cryptocurrency exchanges.


Veteran NFT

A special NFT collection will be released for members who join the Vatra Community in its first year. Each member will receive one NFT. The delivery of the NFT will eliminate the Vatra INU HODL requirement as long as they hold the NFT, thereby opening up supply to new investors.


NFT Merch

The Community Store will include the option to turn personal NFTs into physical products. The types of products and methods will be determined by the members.


1st Vatra Burn Event

In the annual Vatra Burning Campaign, each member will burn their desired amount of VATRA INU by activating the burn function on the contract. This will create deflation, contributing to the development of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

To establish an ecosystem where crypto investors in Turkey come together to develop themselves and the industry, make more informed investments, meet on common grounds, and create a difference, all through a token project that is entirely their own.

The maximum supply of Vatra INU tokens will be 250,000,000 VATR.

No additional Vatra INU tokens will be produced beyond the 250 million created during the deployment of the contract in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The pre-sale on the Bzetmex exchange will start on February 14, 2024, and will be conducted as a Launchpad with a total quantity increasing exponentially in each of the four different price tiers.

The pre-sale, planned to take place between 14.02.2024 and 20.02.2024, assumes that the entire supply for each pre-sale day will be sold out within 24 hours. If the entire supply is not sold within 24 hours in any pre-sale tier, the sale for the next tier will not commence until the supply of the current tier is completely sold out. The sale for the following tier will open 2 days after the relevant tier is fully sold.

During the pre-sale process, the minimum purchase amount will be 10,000 VATR at any price tier, and similarly, the maximum purchase amount at any tier will be 100,000 VATR. This approach is intended to prevent the formation of whales.

A 'whale' in the finance sector refers to investors who hold a large amount of any asset, enough to potentially influence market prices. Having a maximum purchase limit during the pre-sale phase and the presence of multiple price tiers are methods employed to prevent this situation.

VATRA INU (VATR) will be listed in the VATR/TRY market on the Bzetmex exchange at 20:00 UTC+3 Istanbul time, 3 days after the completion of the pre-sale process.

Yes. Through the MetaMask integration on Discord, your Discord account will be linked with your MetaMask wallet, thereby verifying that you are a VATR investor and that you have transferred the tokens to your own wallet without selling them.

This linkage will allow your wallet address to be regularly checked by the integration, and if you sell the tokens, your rank will be revoked by the system.

This mechanism ensures that ownership is verified independently of any exchange and that there is no selling pressure in the VATR/TRY market. It will distinguish between users who trade in the VATR/TRY market solely for profit and the actual community members.

Following the listing process, video tutorials will be shared to help even those with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies to set up a MetaMask wallet from scratch and join the Discord community safely.

Vatra INU is a community token (Community Token) project. It will never have an owner, company, shareholder, or major investor other than the investors who purchase during the pre-sale and through the VATR/TRY market.

The Vatra INU project was designed and brought to life by Ahmet KARAÇALI.

Ahmet KARAÇALI will be ready to step down from his missions related to the community once the project has achieved its purpose, developed to a degree that it cannot be abused, and gained enough market acceptance to be self-sufficient.

The contract creation, website development, logo and brand identity, whitepaper, Discord - MetaMask integration, pre-sale - listing process, and all the necessary efforts for the launch of a token are being personally undertaken by Ahmet KARAÇALI.

The minor financial needs during this process are being met through the personal funds of Ahmet KARAÇALI.

The most significant costs of the project, the pre-sale and listing processes, are being generously covered by the Bzetmex exchange. We extend our deepest thanks to Bzetmex CEO Erdoğan Turan for his belief in the project's potential...

This question is frequently asked for almost every project, hence its inclusion in this list. However, the answer will be given by the investors, who are the real owners of the project, at the end of the first year.

Cooperation / Contact

Contact Us

For partnership, collaboration, and legal matters, please contact the email address below and you will receive a response within 3 business days.